Here we have a nice one, a 2004 Beaver (owned by Monaco) with three slides. Beaver built these in Oregon on Roadmaster chassis and this has a 330 Cummins. It is mated to a Allison 3000 world class 6-speed transmission. Let me tell you a little bit about the camper before I walk you through the damage.

The layout of this motorhome as you walk in the front door, is as follows: Fold out bed on the roadside slide-out in the front, with a fold-down couch on the curbside. Combined on the curb slide is the kitchen setup with microwave (does not work) and stove and sink having Corian counters, and across to the dinette, which has two chairs and room for more, with the refrigerator beside that. As you continue into the camper through the bathroom door the shower and sink is on the curb side with a separate door into the bathroom which also has a sink. Then through the dual sliding doors into the bedroom the roadside slide has the queen size bed, which when extended gives access to the drawers and cabinets in the bedroom. It has a cabinet in the very rear corner for the TV (both TVs are missing) and a dual sliding door closet in the far rear. The carpet needs replacing, as it looks as if the insurance company was looking for hidden damage removed some of it. There is no mattress, (pictured is a king that does not fit) so feel free to sleep on the wood box! It has a home-style refrigerator which works fine, the central heat and water work as they should, and it all has been winterized. For obvious reasons, I have not tested the dual central air conditioning, so you can try that this summer...may it come quickly! There are no smells or water damage, and it does not look lived in.

Back to the chassis, this roadmaster unit has 90000 miles and the drivetrain is in excellent working order. The 330HP Cummins runs excellent and has good power and the Allison 3000 Automatic transmission shift points are smooth. Info on engine: 1,150 pound force-feet (1,559 N⋅m) @ 1,300 rpm, 330 horsepower (246 kW; 335 PS) electronically governed at 2,500 rpm Info on Transmission: Allison Transmission's 3000 Series is designed for medium-duty commercial vehicles and is engineered to adapt and operate efficiently in a variety of applications. The 3000 Series includes close or wide ratio gearing and a maximum rating of 336 kW (450 hp). The addition of 5th Generation advanced electronic controls enhance operation and prognostics capabilities. An optional integral output retarder for better vehicle braking and reduced brake wear is also offered. This is a trusted combination, that produces ample power and provides excellent fuel economy. The 7500 Watt generator starts and runs good and makes power as also the 2k inverter works correctly.

Now for the damage; It was in an accident where the left front wheel was pushed back, and it sustained damage down that side. The insurance company wrote this off as salvage, and I have a Tennessee salvage rebuildable title. We changed the front axle put new airbags in it and I have driven it home, over 600 miles. The front lower corner of the cap is repairable and I possibly have some parts, as the wheel arch, corner piece and doors, to modify. (call) I have worked with Race shops that can build the complete doors, as they are aluminum panels bent on square tube frames. (They have done it for me before for about 350 a door)

I'm sure there are things that I've missed, but feel free to call with questions to Dave at 607-661-3495 I am a New York state dealer, and the website mr Good body com can show you that we've done this before! We have sold many campers Nationwide and even overseas, so I know I price things more than competitively. With a dealer plate you could fly in and drive this home and I will consider delivery at a cost. I may have missed things, or you may wonder about anything specific, feel free to call with questions.

Thanks again, Dave at 607-661-3495 I am a New York state dealer, and the website mrgoodbody.com can show you that we've done this before!

Drop us a line by email or call Dave at (607)-661-3495.

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