1974 Harley Davidson "Rat-Rod" 80 Cubic Inch FLH Bobber

You've never seen anything like it!

1974 Harley Davidson "Rat-Rod" 80 Cubic Inch FLH Bobber from Texas. This Bike has alot, I mean alot, of character.....(so it needs work?) Well, the good thing is that it runs great and is ready for someone to fix up, and stylize to their taste. I am going to do it, but I have to get the Rotrod done first!
We started it first thing and it sounded great. The motor looked like it has been gone thru, and it has kick and electric start. (What a cool setup that is) This has a foot clutch and a hand shift, so it's not for the feeble minded. (can you chew gum and walk?) It has disc rear and drum front brakes, and I think I'll change it to all disc.It also has some dumb looking headlamps that if I fix it, I am going to change to a big single. (looks more the part) Check it out, and let me know what you think as these are costly to build...
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1974 Harley Davidson



Vehicle Status: 



80 Cubic Inch


Engine Type

2 cylinder




S&S Carb
Needs a BIG single old light
The only chrome
A Whopping 80 cubic inches!
Nice stance on the board
Low and Loud!